Keisuke Watanabe


09/2009- Art works<3> "KNABE DER AKT"der akt

02/2009- "Tanz - Tanz" Watanabe Keisuke Special Exhibition (Planned).

(Gallery Accostage  Kagawa, Japan).

05/2008- "To the Environment, Love" Group Exhibition.

(Kyoto City Art Museum  Kyoto, Japan).
B-Life Art Productions

09/2006- Watanabe Keisuke, "From New York to the Ancient Temples of Nara".

Installation using a 30 meter "emaki" (picture scroll) + "tatebanko" (semi-three-dimensional diorama).
(Old Seson-In Temple Nara, Japan).

07-08/2006- Studied abroad at the Internationale Summer Academie fur Bildende. (Salzberg, Austria).

the Internationale Summer Academie fur Bildende

08/2005- Keisuke Watanabe (Special Exhibition). (Gallery 2/20  New York, USA).

Lamia Ink

03/2005- Aoki Shigeru Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition, Prize Recipient. Solo Exhibition + Art Battle vs. Balinese Dancer.

(Gallery Maya  Osaka, Japan).

2004 Shigeru Aoki memorial exhibition

a prize for excellence

Itarian restaurant personal show

19th march to 21st April
Da Maeda (Senbon Nakadachi-uri, Kyoto, Japan)

Personal Exhibition KEISUKE WATANABE

15, Sep. 2004 ~ 20, Sep. 2004
Collaboration with Bali dancer 15, Sep. 2004
14:00, 16:00
at Osaka Contemporary Art Center

CHINA DAILY Vol.16 No.4925 Tuesday,September 10,1996

One-man show - An oil painting exhibitionfeatureing works by prominent Japanese painter Keisuke Watanabe is on display in the Art Gallery of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Keisuke is showing about 30 pieces of his latest work, including Japanese landscapes, scenes from kabuki(a popular Japanese dramatic form) and earthquake-devastated urban scenes. With his free,easy and energetic style, he hopes to convey his momentary world impressions to viewers.
Time:9:30am-4:30pm from September 7to12. Location: No1, Shuaifuyuan,Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District. Tel:6523-1014.